Our company has a focus on tools suited for demolition / recycling / earthmoving / infra / quarrying

The strenght of ARVI consists in:

  • Qualitative and durable products.
  • Our expanded knowledge to provide the best advice.
  • With 30 years of experience we have plenty technical background to be of service.

Since 2003 we have several dealerships covering the Benelux-area. Such as the brands : Cosben, Motocut, Kemroc, Arden, Echidna, Gerlasco, Stanley, RNP, Spitzlift, Track-O, Decom, Kormee, Splitstone, Sterling, Driller, OMS, Brextor, Ditchdoctor.


Sustainability – products to improve reusability, reduce resources/waste, recycle -

Flexibility- quick respond to new developments, new products to support our customers, shorter lead times, higher production, higher level of automation, less set up, improved ROI

Trusted – trusted advice and sources – partners/network, products, deliverables, services, support, spare parts

Innovation- new products, feedback from the “field”, improved processes, higher yields, reengineering