Today’s markets require a sustainable, flexible, trusted and innovative approach from companies to respond to actual legislation, environmental regulations, production processes, clean-up and industrial developments.

ARVI and its products and services are strongly positioned to meet these very demanding market changes.

ARVI’s objectives are:

  • Expansion of our customer base in Wallonië and Luxemburg. Tools for platform removal.
  • Innovative tools supply at offshore/salvage-projects where specific tools are needed like shears and saws for coldcutting, nuclear decommissioning, ATEX
  • To get involved with maritime projects where specific tools are required like grapple's for basalt-reinforcements on jetty / mole / dike / embankment, drumcutters for underwaterworks, hydraulic diving tools


Sustainability – products to improve reusability, reduce resources/waste, recycle -

Flexibility- quick respond to new developments, new products to support our customers, shorter lead times, higher production, higher level of automation, less set up, improved ROI

Trusted – trusted advice and sources – partners/network, products, deliverables, services, support, spare parts

Innovation- new products, feedback from the “field”, improved processes, higher yields, reengineering