Safe and efficient stone cutting

SplitStone is based on a completely new stone- or rock-cutting technology developed in cooperation with quarrying industry experts. With SplitStone we try to get the best possible economical, effective and safe result in all kind of quarrying.


  • Straight and clean cut, because of the hydraulic system producing equal pressure at all cylinders and holes through out the splitting line. This totally even breaking force also allows longer hole spacing and immediate split. Hydraulic wedging saves rock, reduce costs of explosives and it makes no noise. Even if the explosives are allowed to use, the splitstone method doesn’t blacken the splitted surface or cause hair cracking, saving more sellable stone.
  • There are several SplitStone models, which varies from single wedge to multiple wedge units depending on the work area. The radio or remote control option keeps the operator always on safe distance from the danger area. SplitStone hydraulic wedge devices can be installed, for instance, in an excavator, a loader, or any forestry machine with a pump capacity of 50 – 60 liters / at a 250 bar pressure. SplitStone has been designed for a wide collection of different rock types.
  • Hydraulic SplitStone technique in block quarry produces straight and clean cut without color drawbacks or hair cracks. It's easy and light to handling wedges. Thanks to amazing wedge cylinder relieves

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