Echidna designs and builds a wide range of high quality earthmoving and mining attachments. These products are designed and built in the Czech Republic, using only high quality components to provide long and trouble free life. Echidna is the leader in hydraulic rock saw design, being the first to conceive and develop the automatic brake and reversible rotation function. Echidna continues to lead the way with innovations that provide you with safe and cost effective solutions to your rock cutting requirements. The most recent delopment is the saw for cold cutting of pipes in nuclear and ATEX environment, see last picture beneath. Website ;


  • fast acting automatic brake
  • reversible blade rotation
  • rotation speed up to 4800 rpm
  • double swiveling shield
  • models to match your excavator's output power
  • easy conversion to dual blade configuration
  • off-the-shelf and custom made accessories
  • options: rotating head bracket
  • integrated cooling system
  • extension of offset cutting
  • automatic feed via joysticks
  • motorspeed sensor, cutting-optimiser


  • Recycling rolls of carpet and paper
  • Recycling of rubber conveyorbelts
  • Recycling of scrap en non-ferrous
  • Recycling turbine blades
  • Dismantling of boilers and heat-exchangers
  • Dismantling of concrete structures
  • Demolition of foundations and chimneys
  • Sawing work in construction pits
  • Sawing work in tunnelprojects
  • Dismantling with robot+saw in nuclear project
  • Recycling of polyester parts and windmill blades
  • Sawing in quarries for extraction of natural stone
  • Sawing of dillitation joints
  • Demolition of airplanes
  • Cold cutting in petrochemical and nuclear environment

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