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Crusher buckets

4 different types of crusher buckets:

GCB65 + GCB65XL + GCB80 + GCB80XL.

Rental per day or week,

transport and testing is done by us.

Rental overview and specs

Price: on demand

Allu screening bucket

Screening, crushing, mixing, aerating, loading, stabilizing, backfilling.

Rental per day or week, transport and connecting carried out by ARVI.

Different types of buckets in rentalfleet suited for excavators or loaders with bracket;


Rentalfleet for fine screening

Rentalfleet for big caliber

Price: on request

OMS side grip pile driver

Piledriver fixed moment, type SG-60

Weight incl CW30: 3.200 kg, Excavatorsize: 25-45 ton

Flow: 200-220 litre/minute, Pressure: 150-250 bar

Motor: 107 kW, Moment excenter: 6,3 kgm

Centrifugalforce: 525 kN, Max. druk/trekkracht: 17 ton

Toerental: 2500 rpm, Clampforce: 44 ton


Price: on demand

Dawson piledriver

Vibrator with fixed excentric moment, type EMV-450

Weight: 1.275 kg, Machineclass: 25-45 ton

Flow: 195-350 ltr/min, Pressure: 270-350 bar

Motor: min. 88 kW, Excentric Moment: 6,9 kgm

Centrigugalforce: 450 kN, Max. push/pull: 15 ton

Frequency: 2460 vpm, Clamp force: 54 ton

Price: on request

PTC vibrodriver variable

Vibrodriver of PTC, type HFV-16

High frequency with variable moment.

Weight: 3.635 kg, Flow: 378 liter/minut

Motor: 227kW-308PK

Moment excenter: 0-16

Centrifugalforce: 946kN, Frequency: 38,3 Hz

Rotations: 2300 rpm, Max. line pull : 240 kN

Price: on request

Electric loader

Electric loader, 100% emission-free

2 models ; skidsteer and tracked loader.

equiped with different types of attachments


Specsheet wheeled version

Specsheet tracked version

Price: on demand

Semi-robot with breaker or drill

Semi-robot with pneumatic breaker or drill.

Hydraulic cilinders for positioning the tool.

Electric remote controll for operating.

Available in tracked and wheeled version.

Required on jobsite ; compressor and waterhose

specs breaker

specs drill

Price: on demand

Stanley Drophammer

Type: DH-1500
Serialnr: 132
In use: 2010
Weight: 399 kg
Beats per minute: 32 x
Impact energy: 2034 Joules
Oil flow: 33 - 78 liter / minute
Oil pressure: 159 - 207 bar
Suspension for skidsteer or excavator min. 4 ton

Only used for demo's and exhibitions

Price: on request

Echidna diamantsaw

Type: D2HS+D4HP

Weight: 95- 580 kg
Excavators 3 till 35 ton
Bracket CW10 or CW30/40

requires a drainline

Price: on request